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Lunch Poem

April 8, 2010

When I stand in your flock, I feel content but will I ever know why?

Maybe it’s because we’re what’s left of the Senior Class after the DMV took the majority

Maybe it’s because I fear I will no longer have anyone to share my lunch with

Maybe it’s because my chances of flying away are as dismal as Amputeagull’s

Maybe I feel closer to home when I can no longer keep my identity

I fling non sequiturs and aim my obscure reference slingshot, do they know me here?

Whatever the case, I’ve bounced off many times but I am always the man on campus.


Namesake (For My Grandfather)

April 8, 2010

All of my images of you are taken from one photo

With your balding round head and your thick beige frames
I took you for granted my initial decade
Now I wonder if I have inherited you

And if you are more than a namesake
You’ve been away longer than you were here
But during your time here you made an impact
I’m pondering what of that’s mine and what is just yours
As I glue in the details of my namesake’s forty years.

The Tree of Life

April 8, 2010

The essence of time locked in a tree
Inside a green apple it becomes plucked
Tree sap, fungus, moss, life and death
Hollowmindedness present only here
Eternal youth from a fountain tree
Bitten violet plum by naked eye man
Lord’s exclusive produce stand
Immortality laws always seem strict.