Summer of 2008

At the beginning of last summer, they used to make out at the generator daily

The generator at camp was technically used as the “CIT zone,” where all thirty-three of the counselors-in-training were supposed to hang out

Instead, every night from ten to midnight, our “sweetest couple,” Nate Perch and Lucy Rubenfield, would break nearly every PDA rule on that spot

Prior to CIT, I had been acquainted with Perch, and I both idealized and idolized the seventeen-year old

He wasn’t that athletic or handsome, but he possessed airs that somehow drew girls to his side

I felt that by imitating what Perch did, I would become suave myself

Nate Perch got kicked out of camp? I will always remember my utter shock when the talk of Perch’s adultery reached the CIT class

I was one of the last CITs to find out that Lucy wasn’t the only girl Perch had hooked up with in the summer of 2008

To go into the grotto of specifics still makes me shiver

That night, Lucy was weeping more than I have ever seen anyone cry

The tears in her eyes were so much greater than Perch’s the next day when he left camp As I watched Nate Perch reluctantly tread into his parents’ Lexus, I felt like a man whose belongings were all being repossessed

Due to my initial grief, everyone expected the return of Nate Perch to create an ollie of joy on my emotional half pipe

Why Perch came back, after all the harm he did, I may never know

But no matter how hard Nate Perch tried to appear to be a changed man, all I still remember is the sexually-satisfied grin on his face and his girlfriend Lucy, brown eyes flooded with tears as she lingered on the sidelines of the generator, already doing time.


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