Green Widow

Green widow, you wanted a lighter, not love

Last night on the mountain I turned to you

With a cigarette in my hand and I confessed

But you only saw me as a weak boy

Even though you left all the strong ones

Here I don’t have friends, I have caretakers

Here I don’t have lovers, I have words

And I don’t have much left to say

I’ll have to go on another reading binge

And retrieve the golden lyrics for you all

So far, March has been a month of rejection

From Dogchan, from summer, from song

And the threat of AP puts my long hair in check

I’ll be bald as a seagull in spring

Like a Russian soldier you banished this Jew

Will I get rich on Ellis Island?

Or will they get rich on me?
I can hear a factory across the shore

Will I spend my last days in prayer for more?

When I finally leaped onto the college stage

I somehow expected the end of chalkdust failure

And the end of my life as Little Boy Blue

I seriously thought life would croon anew.

March 2010


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