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Princess Revolution

August 29, 2010

Everywhere I go, I hear you bleating “revolution”

In your nightmares, you’ve a paling lifestyle

Yet I don’t think you really could stand such a change you preach

Could you handle being second to one?

Or is it only justice when you’re on top?

Nothing is new, but you kill yr elders

Before you link members with all the wrong dudes

And prance like you are Christ’s first coming

But you’re just a teenage Edgar Guest

Forcing pride upon the depressed

I have to say I’m unimpressed.


I Remember You As You Were

August 29, 2010

I remember you as you were when cars were 25 cents and plastic

When God was alive and Nietzsche was dead

When beds were built for an evening kneel

I remember you would poke your mythologies in my neck

And when the cyberbullies came out to play

You would sit at your parents’ computer for eight hours straight

Trying in vain to persuade the moderators

That as I had written some good Christian poetry in ‘06

I was worth saving
Now I watch you put believers in body bags

I watch you shit on teetotalers, Zionism, and the freedom to choose virginity

And it makes me regret my schoolboy contempt for what you were.

I Wish I Was Wrong

August 29, 2010

I wish I could be wrong when I assume you’re promiscuous

That the heavy makeup does not signify an early loss of chastity

Because stereotypes are only fun for so long

They turn all the perks of the universe into a spreadsheet of labels

I don’t want to feel like any of us are programmed

So please tell me you’ve never had a man

Let me know that the guy you were standing with when I passed you today was just a friend

I wish I could be wrong, and yet I rarely am.

Uv’nei Y’rushaleim

August 29, 2010


7 years ago I snapped at you as you told me to call you “Safta”

And I lamented each kosher meal you made

And after 9/11, when I angrily watched you zeroing in to Intifada reports

Your eyes watering with reverse prejudice

I questioned your patriotism as an American citizen, Pennsylvania-bred

And commanded you to turn your head back from the east

And though now I write for publications you’d turn away from

Which I don’t mention, so that you don’t lose respect and call me “beatnik”

In your mind almost as bad as “flower child,” “hippie,” “drug addict”

And though I occasionally deem you a “Jewish supremacist” in frustration

Through the years I have found my faith and my land, Jerusalem

After wandering in my desertion from milk and honey.


And still I struggle with my liberalism which tells me to call you the 4th Reich

And still I struggle with the thought of evangelicals who love you in vain

And though any nineteen-year old Chomsky aficionado will dismiss me

I know that you’re inseparable from my beloved culture

May G-d rebuild Jerusalem, and restore all love and hope to you and me.

Dad’s Birthday

August 4, 2010

Back when Amputeagull soared in the sky

My grandmothers both gave me gifts

And I toddled across the classroom alone

Trying not to fill my happy face with red cards

But the bird dropped many seasons ago

And while I once shed tears beneath the face I could not please

Now I know how lucky I am to have you here

I have flipped through decks of heroes

But none will ever hold a candle to you

I wish your birthday

Is as wonderful for you

As you are to me.

Taos Pueblo

August 4, 2010

I am welcomed by the stringy-haired piper

Brokeback cowboys meet cigar store Indians
And eighth-breeds greet Kinky Friedmen
We’ve sold our muskets for Hamiltons
They’ve traded their tomahawks for lemonade
Ten little Indians amount to one red A
And six bottles of booze to one Indian boy

I am welcomed by the stringy-haired piper
But he blows his horn for the white man
Who warms the pew before leaving behind
Those sixth-generation sculpted bears.

The Albuquerque Isotopes

August 4, 2010

The Isotopes grinned as they earned runs before their cartoony fans

Such as the adoptees and the birthday boozer
Mascot Orbit gleefully baffled everyone like a jester

But when the holiday drunk collapsed
And they cranked Cobain’s screams of anguish for Hoffmann the ninth time
The away team made sure all we could do was clap
And Orbit peddled into the dugout
Not a jester but a joke.

Catfights & Socialites

August 4, 2010

Spoiled girls think I want to sleep with them, but will I ever know why?

Maybe it’s because I’m the school’s token Neo-Neanderthal, and I act weird to match it

Maybe it’s because their polished white bodies interrupt my staring into space

Maybe it’s because I greet their cute counterparts, who knocked them to the ground in one of their contemporary college duels: catfights

I find shredded Abercrombie sweatshirts everywhere I go

Whether I’m sprinting about campus or skimming through beer bottles on a frat house lawn

Whatever the case, I find the debutante subculture amusing, but they’ll always think I want more.

Almost Haven

August 4, 2010

The lone wolf went to the dogs

I came here in mid-’09 hoping to score a break

This should have been another day in paradise

Instead, I was taught to wander every which way

Staggering from frat to frat

Someone inside me wants to lean on someone else

But there’s no room for that here

I’m an adult, and that’s scarier than being a boy

That being said, I already retreated

I’m not trying hard enough, I’m sure

But one day I’ll live for the moment

Grab the three or four forbidden fruits

And be blessed with a college education

It’s not my fault they kick me around

Regardless of whom I say I am

I hope you can see

I’m not doing a disservice to me

On the contrary

It’s not all in my head.


August 4, 2010

America was not so kind to me

San Luis rarely missed an opportunity to put me down
You could say I was born into criticism
I lost brawls to bullies, suffered taunts from Tony
Was given labels instead of help by careless shrinks
I saved myself from involuntary delinquency
And as enemies of old were befriended
I shed my mouse skin to become a man

America is not kind to you either
Brooklyn is a tough place for an Aspie to grow up
I see them knock you down and push you around
In your eyes I see those jailed days of my youth
The days that my pills help me forget
The days that my pills keep me from reliving
You were born to live in your kid sister’s shadow
You were born to experience a father’s neglect
You were born to accept a mother’s confusion

But continually play with your blue Thomas trains
Because life won’t toss you tank engines forever….