America was not so kind to me

San Luis rarely missed an opportunity to put me down
You could say I was born into criticism
I lost brawls to bullies, suffered taunts from Tony
Was given labels instead of help by careless shrinks
I saved myself from involuntary delinquency
And as enemies of old were befriended
I shed my mouse skin to become a man

America is not kind to you either
Brooklyn is a tough place for an Aspie to grow up
I see them knock you down and push you around
In your eyes I see those jailed days of my youth
The days that my pills help me forget
The days that my pills keep me from reliving
You were born to live in your kid sister’s shadow
You were born to experience a father’s neglect
You were born to accept a mother’s confusion

But continually play with your blue Thomas trains
Because life won’t toss you tank engines forever….


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