Uv’nei Y’rushaleim


7 years ago I snapped at you as you told me to call you “Safta”

And I lamented each kosher meal you made

And after 9/11, when I angrily watched you zeroing in to Intifada reports

Your eyes watering with reverse prejudice

I questioned your patriotism as an American citizen, Pennsylvania-bred

And commanded you to turn your head back from the east

And though now I write for publications you’d turn away from

Which I don’t mention, so that you don’t lose respect and call me “beatnik”

In your mind almost as bad as “flower child,” “hippie,” “drug addict”

And though I occasionally deem you a “Jewish supremacist” in frustration

Through the years I have found my faith and my land, Jerusalem

After wandering in my desertion from milk and honey.


And still I struggle with my liberalism which tells me to call you the 4th Reich

And still I struggle with the thought of evangelicals who love you in vain

And though any nineteen-year old Chomsky aficionado will dismiss me

I know that you’re inseparable from my beloved culture

May G-d rebuild Jerusalem, and restore all love and hope to you and me.


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