Multiple Meats

I remember those crisp college days when Jennifer and I would tour Thursday’s Farmers Market for all the latest steaks

But she’d always find herself slave to the sausages, sifting through Polish dogs for something elusive

And one night, the entire high school tennis team, who all knew her, dropped by on some haphazard reunion

The former champion, an enterer of Brown, introduced her to a zestier hunk of beef

So I once again became acquainted with Miles, reluctantly striking up a conversation with the vendor while nibbling a small slice of pepperoni

He informed me of a life I didn’t care about behind the best of “Flamenco Sketches”

And right about then, Jennifer finally finished her meat & greet, and I left downtown for her car

And long after she lost my love to her appetite, I walked past her on yet another Thursday night on a dissimilar Central Coast

Finding her in the arms of a petite, ambiguously brown friend she used to play poker with

And taking pleasure in a vegetarian shepherd’s pie.


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