On the Trail to the Architecture Graveyard

I’ve been on this trail dozens of times in the last two years

And usually I’d be one with my headphones

Trying to listen to an entire album on my way up

This time however, I am free of distractions

And have been reduced to the surrounding landscape

I walk among chestnut horses, grazing passively in the autumn hills

While they were threatened before, here they treat me as an equal

And now I feel like the Architecture Graveyard is my own neighborhood

And these voiceless horses are all my neighbors

The elders were misled when they thought I couldn’t see nature as Emerson saw it

Because in the depths of Poly Canyon, my eyeballs are open to life

They say I have classes and appointments and study sessions in the future

But now there is not any of that, there is just the trail that brought nature to me.


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