Lord Lazarus

Oh no

You’re not supposed to see me like this

I like you too much for it to be made public

But I can’t help the shit I say sometimes

Khan! No! Stapler! You’re the Man Now Dog!

That isn’t poetry!

And it doesn’t fit well into prose

Perhaps I am undeserving of this opportunity

Just like I was with all the others

The cyberbullies have won once more

If I am not for them, what am I?

But wait

You liked it?

Well, this is surely unexpected

I’m not sure what to say

I don’t get pleasures like this as often as some of them, I’m afraid

Please tell me you don’t hate me

Oh say huh?

You love me?

You can’t love me

I’m failure personified

You don’t think I am?

I guess I can reconsider…

(after much consideration from the mind of Popeye Squirm)

Well, so much for pathos!

And from here comes a transformation into new lives of new emotions.


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