The history of “The Laurels,” my teenage comic strip

Throughout elementary school and as recently as 7th grade (not counting a one-shot revival in 11th), the Man Oftentimes Known as Popeye Squirm filled dozens of notebooks with the adventures of a guy named, well, Guy Farquaad (sue me, Shrek) Yug.  At the time I was unaware of the vulgar origins of the name “Farquaad” and for a few years, unaware of the name “Stanley Yelnats,” which surprisingly does not at all predate “Guy Yug.”

But anyway, Guy was a plain-faced stick figure and his arch-nemesis was Lotto Crappy MacNat, a not-so plain-faced stick figure.  They had hundreds of battles which typically led to Lotto engaging in the Olympic sport of cliff-jumping and painfully landing with a stalagmite between his legs.

Guy and Lotto have had cameos in some of my more mature works down the line, but by 7th grade, I decided I was too talented to be drawing stick figures anymore (you hear that, Xiao Xiao? You’re untalented), and created a comic series that was lovingly ripped off from The Simpsons, this time not at all predating Family Guy: “The Laurels.”

Further details, and the series’ “feature film,” “The Bad News Band” can be found at  You can also find my powerword there, which one of you commenters already found. “The Bad News Band” was rejected by Albino Blacksheep and Newgrounds back in the day, around the same time that my idol Drew Pickles was gaining popularity at that latter site.

Here is one of the least comical pages from “The Laurels,” one of the last remaining pages, I may add.  If you want more though, I’ll give you more.




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