Looking back on school days
It wasn’t hell until they told me so
They worked hard to change me
I was a hybrid of us both

Now I’m invincible
But that took years to learn
When the nation believes in you
There’s only one way to turn

Some struggles are endless
There’s no hope for them to cope
And I wish I could help them…

Yes, I wish that I could save you
I’d save you from corruption
But there’s not too much I can do
The innocence is gone

Whoever took her innocence
Might as well take mine
As we’re in no pea pod
We’re a lemon and a lime

It can be hard to sympathize with those
Never joined by conversation
I loved her at first sight
But she’ll look for someone different

Now I’ve seen you as a child
Once you were so kind to me
We had something in common
Tell me God, what could that be?

I know it’s just a foolish dream
And I know you want no part
So goodbye, my imprisoned angel
I repaired my broken heart.


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