another amusing anecdote from the “BS Mon”

Y’see, I was just treading through the uncharted San Luis Obispo City-County Library today, when I chanced upon an abhorsome foursome of juvenile delinquents turned runaways sifting through the library’s uncannily diverse audio-visual repertoire.  At first, their musical inquiries were strictly, banally, and/or trivially laughable, such as the black sheep among black sheep’s tedious tirade toward the supposedly scrumptious quality of “Geeky Barduli” (it was not until he categorized the name with the genre “gypsy punk” that I knew it was a mispronunciation of “Gogol Bordello”), but my heart broke when he and his comrades praised a magnum opus-laden compilation of the Dead Kennedys.  Dear Lord be praised!  In a world where Anthonys everywhere flee from federal clutches, even the lowest of lowlifes bow to the prophet that is Jello Biafra!


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