Brevity’s Rainbow: A Testimonial on Behalf of the Denizens of Something Awful, Ltd. by P. Squirm, Esq.

MV Razzmatazz:

Every time someone mentions goons I immediately think of The Goonies.


Surely I cannot be the only one?

Popeye Squirm:

Whenever anybody mentions goons, I automatically think of the Goons. Something Awful. Duh. Why think of anything else? If you haven’t joined Something Awful yet, hoo boy… you’re missing out, my friend, and should worry about whether you’re indeed a valued, functioning member of this society we call Earth at all. Frankly, SA pwns and don’t let any /b/tard tell you otherwise. SA conquered it first, before West Side, before East Side, before Hyphy even! Though some wannabe hipster types claimed the other day that “do you have stairs in your house” is obsolete, obtuse, and obscure, folks around here have a soft spot for all things Goon.

-The Oh Internet Forums (


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