Excerpts from Squirm’s Dream Journal



The majority of my dream involved me attending my first week of classes at a fictional university that uses helicopters as transportation.  I ran into Mr. Miller, a real-life teacher of mine from high school, who was rocking out to ZZ Top, and informed me that one science teacher was far better than the other.  I ignored his advice, however, and stayed in the allegedly bad teacher’s class.  I also picked up a Richard Brautigan book at a creepy on-campus library, making this the 2nd or 3rd dream I’ve had to include a book by Brautigan.  Before I woke up, I found out that I had failed at least one of my classes, although it is a class that I passed in real life.




At the beginning of my dream, I was in a French hotel with my parents.  I then observed my dresser, and every drawer in it reminded me of old relatives, many of which were fictional.  I was told that my (in real-life deceased since the early 90s) great-grandfather Zayde Yussell had remarried again.  Then I recalled elementary school, where I was constantly penalized for not drawing the same shapes as other students.  The most vivid part of the dream was when I arrived at a “DIY punk” ice cream and baked goods shop in SLO which I vaguely remember encountering in previous dreams.  Unlike previous dreams though, where the ice cream shop was full of customers, this time it was out of business and locked.  I met up with the owner of Dr. Cain’s Comics who was able to pick the lock.  Then we went to the backyard of the ice cream shop where there was a large basketball court and a hiking trail.  Myself, the owner of Dr. Cain’s, and many people I went to Camp Newman with such as Matt Hennagin played an intense game of soccer on the basketball court.  However, while I was playing, I unexpectedly morphed into my great-grandfather Zayde Yussell.  I woke up when the game ended.


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