Squirm’s Unpopular Popular Music Opinions

* Lemon Demon’s latter four albums, Hip to the Javabean, Damn Skippy, Dinosaurchestra, and View-Monster, trump everything They Might Be Giants were working on at that time (sans “Experimental Film” from The Spine).


* The Ziggens trump their much more popular sister band Sublime.

* Sublime’s self titled album is only popular because Bradley died.


* The only tracks on Sgt. Pepper that make it a classic are With a Little Help From My Friends, A Day in the Life, and the title track.  The rest is often entertaining but not essential.


* “Come Together” is the worst of the Beatles’ #1 singles.  “Yellow Submarine” is only bad because it disrupts the flow of Revolver like “Maxwell’s Silver Hammer” disrupts the flow of Abbey Road.


* Weird Al Yankovic was no better in the 80s than he was in every other decade.

* The only consistently good “Weird Al-bum” is Bad Hair Day.


* Exile on Main Street is not the best Rolling Stones album of the 70s.  Sticky Fingers and Some Girls are.


* The Sex Pistols were a “singles band.”  Nevermind the Bollocks is bollocks, just get “Anarchy in the UK,” “God Save the Queen,” and “Holiday in the Sun.”


* Radiohead hasn’t been very good since OK Computer.


* None of Bob Dylan’s work after “Hurricane” is relevant.


* Nirvana’s Bleach might have been released on the indie-as-fuck Sub Pop, but it’s significantly worse than Nevermind, In Utero, or even the rarities compilation Incesticide.


* Green Day’s B-sides compilation, Shenanigans, contains material on par with their album tracks.

* Their first album, 1039/Smoothed Out Slappy Hours flat out sucks.


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