Ballad of the Poltergeist

I’m the one they called the Poltergeist for as you might agree

Like a ghost I easily mastered the art of transparency

Kids memorized my motives, my eye bounced onto you

And when you slammed the door on me, I forgot just what to do

I don’t believe we’ve been too close but I do believe we’ve met

That night I taught you the lyrics and you taught me the rest

Though I’m not sure that you’ll want me, I’m decided that when you do

I’ll stop killing my spare time and devote it all to you

There’s worlds full of aliens and alien graveyards

There’s ancient Atlantic kingdoms of which mariners found shards

There’s Venice, Cairo, Pompeii, Gandhi’s sixty-mile trail

But to be with you, my sane young love, would keep me from my jail

Now chutzpah, that’s a virtue you won’t find in the book

I’ll take it slow at the slow dance and we will make love in my rook

For if you were Cleopatra I’d be Marc Antony

And I’d jail that geezer Caesar and convince each Ptolemy

Rabbit’s not at rest, you don’t look A&P

Seymour joined the Marine Corps; he flunked sensitivity

There might be joy in Mudville even if a man strikes out

But within the days the team will lose all suburban clout

Johnny Bear needed liquor and so did Huck’s Pap Finn

But I need more than whiskey and I need more than gin

I’m like a woodpecker, forever knocking at your tree

Like a hound dog I can stress you out, but I hope you’ll stay with me.


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