Sheltered in His Bivouac: Children’s Poems

Glove Song


I cannot write a love song

I’ve never been in love

But I can write a glove song

Since I own a pair of gloves

While the people like to hear

Ten songs about true love

I will teach them to appreciate

Ten songs about white gloves.




I’m not that good at tetherball

Or so my classmates say

But I play tetherball each day anyway

I dream of being Jefferson Shamp

The great American tetherball champ
He started out very weak and small

But through practice he grew strong and tall

And through practice he won at tetherball

And after I practice, I’ll step onto the court

One day like Shamp, I’ll win the sport.




Last night I saw my friend

He’s my favorite seagull

He’s without a single leg

So his name is Amputeagull


He showed me how to live

He showed me how he’s living

He’s got so little he can do

But he uses what he was given


He always exercises

He helps father some eggs

He’s so nice and happy

Though he doesn’t have his legs.


Great-Uncle Johnny’s Lunch


I ate lunch with Great-Uncle Johnny

He used to write in notebooks

Now that he’s an old man

What does he do?  He cooks


He eats no chicken, beef, or pork

He doesn’t like hot pizza

There’s sushi on his fork

Where are the ice cream treats?

And not one carrot but four beets?


Ray’s Tadpole


Ray caught a tadpole

Just so he could taste

The little amphibian

Inside his greedy face


Ray stopped catching tadpoles

But you all should note:

He woke up Sunday morning

With a bullfrog in his throat!


The Bonobo


You’re a happy human

I’m a sad old ape

You pig out on London Broil

I’ll try to find a grape

But I love it in the zoo

Being fed banana stew

I think you’d love it too!


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