Washington Ghost (Walter Jid story #18)

Suddenly, my phone rings in my house in San Francisco.  I answer the phone.

“Hello, who is this?” I say.

“This is Calvin Eddino, President of the United States,” answers a rough voice.  “A monstrous man is in Washington, D.C. now, and knowing how you saved the planet Plinus from Lamiced and Algeb, we could really use you now.”

“Who is this monster?” I question Eddino.

“Lednerg Cainson, probably one of the worst people in the world.  You and your friends, Joey, Tom, and Max, must come to Washington and save the city from danger!”

“You hear that, guys?” I tell my brother, Joey Jid, and my friends, Tom Taggo and Max McNommer, “we’re going to save Washington from a monster named Cainson!”

“Cainson?  I didn’t think he was real,” whispers Joey, but the three of them decide to go along.

We take a plane ride to Minneapolis and then we take a plane from there to Washington.

When we get out of the plane, we rent a blue Honda and drive to the White House.  A Secret Service guard is standing there, wearing a black uniform and sunglasses.

“Oh, is that Walter Jid and his helpers?” grunts the guard.  “Come in!”

So the four of us go through the gates that lead to the White House, across the white road, and into the majestic building, with two guards following us.

We pass some portraits of presidents.  Among them, I can see such presidents as Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy.  Then a tall man meets us.  He has balding gray hair and is wearing a suit.  This man is Calvin Eddino, the president!

“Welcome, Walter Jid, Thomas Taggo, Joey Jid, Max McNommer,” says President Eddino.  But then he scowls.  “Cainson left dirty footprints all over this house, and no one saw him.”

“Except for me!” drawls another voice.  A short, mean-looking man with a long neck enters the room.  “Cainson comes in the dark of the night when no one is awake and leaves a trail of dirty footprints.  That Lednerg is one bad monster!”

“Who are you?” asks Tom, who is a grim-looking man yet is nice once you get to meet him.

“The vice president, Herbert Ertims.”

Then a woman enters the room.  She has dark hair and looks very nice, compared to Ertims.

“Not everything that Ertims says is true.  Trust me and my husband, Calvin.  I am Linda Eddino, the first lady.”

These three people are very different, but I am not sure who to trust.  I’m not even sure if I believe in Cainson.

“So, where is Cainson?” asks Max McNommer.

“He lurks somewhere in the basement of the White House.  It’s up to you men to find him,” laughs Calvin Eddino.

“Do it quick,” says Eddino’s wife, and she hands me a silver sword.

“Yeah, losers!” cackles the rude vice president, Herbert Ertims.

So Tom, Joey, Max, and I walk to the basement of the White House.  I tell the three of them to stay there.  So I carry the sword as I enter.

“Cainson, I’m coming!” I tell the beast.  A roar answers me, and the lights start flickering on and off.  A green humanoid appears with very muddy feet and big red eyes.

“Bloood!” Cainson snarls.  “Bloood!”  I go over to Cainson and get in a fight with him.  My body ends up dripping with green slime, but then I stab Cainson in the neck.  He falls backward and stays still for a while.  Then I go back to where my friends are.

“Guys!  I defeated Lednerg Cainson!” I exclaim.

“You’re kidding!” laughs Joey.  “It’s only been 10 minutes.  You couldn’t have beaten him already!”

Herbert Ertims walks over to me.  “You slimy demon!  You, a skinny little boy, beating the worst creature in the United States?  That’s impossible!”

Next, Linda Eddino sees me.  “Here.  Have this ring,” she tells me.  “It’ll let you remember this time for a while.”  She hands me a silver ring.

Calvin Eddino is very impressed.  “Give me Cainson’s head, and I may give you a home in Washington, along with your friends.”

“But what did they do?” I question Eddino, but I agree with him.  I’m not trying to be selfish to my friends, I was just curious.

So, I go to the basement again with Joey, Max, and Tom, and we find Cainson’s slimy green head.  We carry it up to Eddino, and in exchange, Eddino gives us new homes in a section of Washington called Georgetown.

So that’s the story of the Monster of Washington.  The four of us like living here, we have had good times.  But we’ll always remember old friends like Johnny Lurg, who helped us in times past.


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