Memes of the Troll Caper

Nick Vermicelli

One of the villains on cult Nicktoon Hey Arnold!, Nick Vermicelli is a Sicilian-American businessman with slight Mafia ties who often collaborates with beeper salesman and abusive father of Helga, Big Bob Pataki. His crimes include having a thick unibrow (lol I’m a hypocrite -Squirm) and associating with corrupt Germanic land developer Alphonse Perrier du von Scheck, the latter of which cost him his friendship with Pataki (Big Bob has a unibrow too).

Vermicelli is often seen collaborating with yet another criminal, Brick Maldonado. Perhaps their most controversial ploy was committing “Columbine II” when Columbine High School gained a disproportionate amount of juggalos.


Brick Maldonado

Named for California senator Abel Maldonado and based off of the character The Brickster from cult children’s video game LEGO Island, Brick Maldonado hates two things: skaters and juggalos, but rarely at the same time. Like Randolph from CatDog and Eric the Vampire, this fad/meme was the work of JohnnyLurg. He constantly says “brick brick brick” in a voice called AT&T Mike which is also used for Moon Man, an earlier YTMND troll meme.


Randolph from CatDog

Randolph from CatDog was created in May 2009 by YTMND rising troll star JohnnyLurg, who was inspired by the early work of another troll named pilleater. JohnnyLurg had jumped upon the OH YEAH MR. KRABS bandwagon along with therealdrewpickles (who was later suspected to be a sockpuppet of pilleater) and needed to create a forced meme of his own. The result was Randolph from CatDog.

On CatDog, Randolph is a wealthy celebrity cat who constantly says “I love it!” (misspelled “DIE’ LUV IT” on a site by pilleater or therealdrewpickles). His dad appeared in a couple episodes.

Randolph’s last name is Grant, possibly as an homage to Cary Grant.


Eric the Vampire

Though JohnnyLurg got all the credit, this forced meme (personally I think YTMND fads created/forced by trolls should be referred to as memes) was technically a collaboration between JohnnyLurg and an underground troll named pilleater. This meme (there you go) is based upon a character created by Jhonen Vasquez who appears in nearly every one of his franchises, including Invader Zim, Johnny the Homicidal Maniac, I Feel Sick, and possibly Squee. Depending on the franchise, Eric the Vampire is either a disgustingly deformed vampire with a head that would resemble that of the protagonist of the Frank Zappa song “San Ber’dino” had it been 99 pounds lighter, or merely a wannabe proto-Twilight goth in training wheels with a newfound obsession for vampirism and well-developed fetishs for smoke bombs and fat mummy girls. Both versions of the character were used in Eric the Vampire YTMNDs.


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