Anthology Poem

I collect anthologies like Bleeding Gums Murphy collects fillings
But this anthology is only Leaves of Poets w/ Writer’s Block!
Poets who should be taking a vacation instead work
And submit the dregs of their careers to this anthology!

I know every musician has his “Silver Hammer”
And every rock star his “Spaghetti Incident”
But how many angry young men, new & old, can we take?

“I want to write Picassos of verse
Making my mark among the stars
My OHF is real unlike anyone else’s
I want to write a poem that will be used in curriculums everywhere…”

But none of them do. They just all slide into a buck anthology
Only opened when someone with too much time and little discretion
Reveals it among dusty ’87 chapbooks
And soon shuts it like all the rest of ‘em.


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