Non Sequitur Championship

  • allo
  • I’m Nigel Thornberry
  • and today we’re looking into the magical world of zebras
  • mwahahahha
  • smashing Marianne
  • great kippers too
  • quite delectable if I may say so myself

ain’t no thang but a chicken wang

  • McLOL!
  • kkk
  • roar roar roar
  • brick brick brick
  • I watched this!
  • no, sir, I didn’t like it.
  • also cocks
  • this isn’t NEDM … check minus.
  • 1’d
  • yo es dinero
  • each day we die a little more
  • Sid Hoffman or Sid Frenchman?

chickity china the chocolate chicken

  • who am I gonna stick my dick in
  • we’re not those kids
  • sitting on the couch
  • eat a peach
  • and I’m out
  • like trout
  • Ugoff Tripe
  • real meat no gimmix
  • Gandalf, you can get pwned by Ugoff
  • the most frawesome butcher since Stan the Tran fuckin’ Man
  • now this looks like a steak for me
  • so everybody come and pound with me
  • cuz we need a little bit of pork or beef
  • ‘cuz it feels so empty without meat
  • da na na na na
  • da na na na na
  • da na na na na
  • oh snap
  • he’s srs
  • we ain’t nothin but mammals
  • she doesn’t get enough cocaine
  • sorry man I’m just high man right now man so I got a lot to say man so let’s keep it cool man
  • chill man
  • take a puff and relax yo’ stuff
  • that’s the way it goes, all the ho’s and bro’s knows
  • yip yip yip
  • dude it’s manbearpig
  • I’m super cereal guys
  • gosh
  • lucky
  • I caught you a delicious bass
  • freakin’ idiot
  • pitiful lames
  • chicken check, microphone check
  • big game, big nuts, and a big fat chicken sack
  • I need macarena for my bunghole
  • the streets will flow with rivers of the blood of nonbelievers
  • the great Cornholio
  • aw fuck it
  • I give up
  • you win
  • well I hope you’re happy
  • you can go brag to all your friends now



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