Bruce (Family Guy)

Bruce (previously known as the Performance Artist) is a fictional character in the animated television series Family Guy. He is voiced by Mike Henry, who created and designed the character. Bruce is a resident of Quahog, Rhode Island who first appeared in the season 1 episode “Chitty Chitty Death Bang“. Though he only had one other speaking role prior to the show’s cancellation (in season 3‘s “Mr. Saturday Knight“) and his name was not revealed until season 5‘s “No Chris Left Behind,” Bruce has become one of the most prominent recurring characters on the show.

Bruce’s voice bears a resemblance to that of The Cleveland Show protagonist Cleveland Brown, who is also voiced by Henry. The voice of Bruce has occasionally been used for anthropomorphic characters such as an overgrown power-hungry bumblebee and a large rat.

Little is known of Bruce’s personal life, except that his closest companion is a mostly unseen character named Jeffrey who has only appeared in “Die Semi-Hard,” an episode of The Cleveland Show, and the DVD cut of “Friends of Peter G[1]. Bruce is also notable for his numerous jobs, which include being a clerk for an “exotic entertainment” store, an attorney, a therapist, a CPR instructor, a spiritual medium, a communion wafer server, and a school board committee member. He is an alcoholic, as revealed in “Friends of Peter G.” when he appears at Alcoholics Anonymous and confesses his soft spot for rosé wine.

Though the character’s sexuality has never been explicitly stated, it has been strongly implied that the character is homosexual. In “Road to the North Pole,” Bruce awaits a ring from Jeffrey. In the upcoming MMO Family Guy Online, Bruce can be seen working at a gay bar and nightclub, though this might not be canon.

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