The File-Sharer’s Mixtape

1. Nirvana – Half the Man I Used to Be

2. Smashing Pumpkins – Rats

3. Gorillaz – Sunshine in a Bag

4. Cat Stevens – Cats in the Cradle

5. They Might Be Giants – The Beer Song

6. Gorillaz – The Windmill Song

7.  Bob Marley – Smoke Two Joints

8. Sublime – I’ve Seen Better Days

9. Hall & Oates – She’s a Maniac

10. Weird Al Yankovich – Which Backstreet Boy is Gay

11. Weird Al Yankovich – What if God Smoked Cannabis

12. Weird Al Yankovich – Sesame Street on Crack

13. Weird Al Yankovich – Barney’s on Fire

14. Weird Al Yankovich – With Legs Wide Open

15. Weird Al Yankovich – Cat in the Kettle

16. Weird Al Yankovich – Dirty Deeds Done With Sheep


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