New Characters for the Johnny Lurg Saga

1) Mick Juggalo: Brick Maldonado’s new arch-nemesis, a fan of the Insane Clown Posse, and a dead ringer for the Joker. Mick is the bastard son of State Senator Abel Maldonado (making him Brick’s long-lost cousin)  and a carnival prostitute. In his youth, he ran away from the Mid State Fair to work at the McDonald’s next to Cork and/or Bottle. Speaking of Cork, their notorious barkeep had Mick arrested for attempting to purchase Playboy Magazine’s Marge Simpson issue the day before his 18th birthday.

2) Jimmyjam Wilkins: An undergrad at Henry and June Miller University in Tulsa, California. Studying architectural engineering with a minor in music theory. Was raised a vegan but now partakes in beef consumption. Creator of the amazingly unpopular “Preston the Dinosaur” Flash animation series on, which is partially based upon his childhood in Murfreesboro, CA and his rivalries with triplet redheaded bullies from the local trailer park. His real name is not James, but Jacob. He has seen the Dead Milkmen 32 times in concert since the age of 13.


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