(Think I Had A) Meat Spin

You know, every St. PATTY’S Day, I forget all the BEEFS I have with people. I TRI-TIP waitresses, I give poor people a STEAK, and even if the PIGS have me CORNED in an alley, I don’t CHICKEN out or go on the LAMB. I also bring home the BACON so I can afford to travel to Vegas where I can PIG out, play the SLAUGHT machines, and watch some HAM actor get ROASTED with some FOWL language. Or perhaps I’ll go to MosCOW or KraCOW, but probably not DaCOW. There’s MUTTON stopping me from exploring. Lots of cool homeSLICES to MEAT. I want to do as much as I can before they put me in my GRAVY.



Think I had a meat spin

Don’t you touch that Wheat Thin

Ooo ooo ooo ooo, meatspin.




ACHTUNG!: Contrary to what my pomes “Multiple Meats” and “Meat Spin” may suggest to you, your friends at Popeye Squirm also recommend gratuitous helpings of vegetables. Without them, you could die! 

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