The Joker Still Remains

If you want to become a fan of anything, you will have to make a sacrifice or six.  Fortunately, only a few fans make six sacrifices for their idols.  Unfortunately, these six sacrifices are usually extreme.  One of these little fanatics was Tacoma Eagel (born Chad Jorge), a Steve Miller Band stalker ever since he heard “The Joker” (also incorrectly known as “Space Cowboy”) in 2012’s Batman Behind Bars.  As devoted to Steve’s Fly Like an Eagle album as Manson was to The Beatles (White Album), Tacoma Eagel’s one regret was that he had never seen the Steve Miller Band live.  In turn, Tacoma Eagel’s frustrated parents’ one regret was that their son had never seen the Steve Miller Band dead.

“They’re not even that great of a band,” Th Jorge, Eagel’s father said—fifty times in one year!  Occasionally that line was followed with this one: “Two of their hits aren’t even theirs.  ‘Jungle Love’ is a freaking cover and ‘Keep on Rockin’ Me Baby’ shares a riff with that one—Van Halen song.”  But as time went by, Eagel kept on slippin’, slippin’, slippin’ into Steve Miller’s fantasy world.  For Eagel, the Miller Band wasn’t a phase, it was a way of life.

Th Jorge’s expectations for Tacoma Eagel were lower than the odds that the Steve Miller Band would release a new album.  But after Eagel sacrificed a college education, a career, a left ring finger (he mailed it to Steve Miller and it was lost in the mail!), a love life (at twenty-seven, Eagel had never been kissed, not even on the cheek), a friendship, and an iPod (after playing “Take the Money and Run” for the 7000th time, the device committed suicide), Th Jorge took Eagel to a therapist.


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