Squirm’s Favorite Jokes



How many Farkles does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

Two. One to screw in the bulb and another to make a Moon Man site about it.


How is LegoLewdite like a keyboard?

Both have at least 2 alts.


Why wouldn’t Superdreamkilla let his five-year old son play Tiger Woods Pro Golfer?

It was rated TEE.


What is Topsy Hornington III’s favorite video game rating?



Why did Max cross the road?

To get away from his website.


Did you hear about the Neanderthal porno?

It had loads of full gruntal nudity.


Why does JohnnyLurg have a PC?

Because he doesn’t like Max.


When is an alt not an alt?

When it’s a default.


When is a troll not a troll?

When it’s a control.


Why does Moon Man fill his shopping cart with dead brothas?

Because live ones would run away.


Why did Ray Charles skip over the Brick Maldonado sites?

Because he couldn’t see shit.


What’s the difference between JohnnyLurg and Kevin Federline?

One is failure personified, and the other is Kevin Federline.


If the who comes after the woo, then what comes after the who?

The downvote.


What kind of person steals bikes?

A bike thief.


Why are Mr. Krabs sites against the law?

Because of copyright infringement.


How is Vader like a 2-year old?

They both yell “NO” a lot.


What’s the difference between CRAPTMND and the great troll caper?

CRAPTMND is intentionally crappy.


How is Lacrossestar like the Billy Goats Gruff?

They both hate trolls.


How is YTMND like the 19th century?

Because girls don’t vote.


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