The Bleat Generation

What I do to your little songs is a WAY of life
(WAY is an acronym for Weird Al Yankovic)
I fell into his shadow last autumn on a tour of Cal Poly bathrooms,
Recorded a take of “The Song of Seinfeld” that was full of baloney,
And I’ll write a mock opera if I please
I won’t listen to your shouts of “Bleatnik!” and “Thief!”
Because the other members of the Bleat Generation will take your art and distort it
You’ll be laughing while you alert your lawyer
Because the spoof will give you magic earworms
And after you lose your little lawsuit, you’ll be playing the Bleats on repeat
Forgetting that our comedy shares a tune with your tragedy
Yes, your “Train Wreck” is our “Brain Check”
Our parody could eat your original

Our parody could beat your life.


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