Brick Maldonado Joins the Church of the SubGenius for $35

The name’s Maldonado. Ignacio “Brick” Maldonado. Brother of ex-Lieutenant Governor Abel Maldonado and father of skater groupie Chick Maldonado. I often reside in the LEGO Island Penitentiary as Inmate #23768. Well something exciting happened to me this week and you’re never gonna believe what. A manicured lawn? Nope, try again. A manicured set of fingernails? What am I, a chick? Apologies, Princess. Nope, I found out about this roxinatin’ sci-fi cult, The Church of the SubGenius!!!!!!!!!!!111839wu328u482u582u5825u287u58327583275832753289852959208590285903285329085230852 PRAISE THE BOB! DON’T BE THE PINK! USE THE SLACK! It’s only $35, dude. Some say it used to be $30, who knows?


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