The Parts of Miller’s Email No Newspaper Bothered to Repost

“You know what I dealt with while I watch my 27 years in a classroom, best potential teaching years of my life, go up in smoke because I dare stand up to that pussy bully Will Jones to fight for myself, when everyone knows what Will does to people that disagree with him, respectfully at first mind you. but after Will dismisses you as a ‘problem,’ well, shut the fuck up or Will will have proved his point. I’m the only one that had no respect for Will and told it to him face to face. Others talk in the staff room, then clap when Will gets another award for being such a great guy. Name one accomplishment of Will Jones in eight years. Our scores went up? Well goddamn, that automatically makes him an educator for life.”

“Now go destroy your child’s self-esteem because she dared to get a C and live on the Central Coast. White kids here are supposed to get A’s and B’s. We expect Latino kids to get C’s or below…after all, they are just Mexicans…”



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