Jello Biafra forced to change stage name by some asshole gelatin company

Remember those sub-Gwar metal machine musical comedians, Green Jelly (where my umlauts at?)?  No?  What about Jello Biafra of that smash hit punk bandwich, the Dead (not Ted, contrary to popular belief) Kennedys?  No???  Oy, this is going to be harder than I thought.
Well, there was this punk musician in the 1980s, right, called Jello Biafra.  His real name was never revealed, much like that of Chip Z’Nuff, but his stage name (Jello Biafra, in case you forgot) is currently to be changed to something else under ze orders of Bill Cosby Affiliated Gelatin And Pudding Incorporated (not the real name of the company!).  Two names Mr. Biafra has considered include Juggalo Biafra (which he is no longer considering for obvious reasons) and Pudd’nhead Willis. The name “Pudd’nhead” is a tribute to an underrated mystery novel by Samuel “Mark Twain” Clemens, a huge influence on Biafra’s controversial political humor.  The unnameable company did not say the word “pudding” is trademarked too, and if it were, “Twain” Clemens would be sued too. The “Willis” is a tribute to Wesley Willis, an African-American schizophrenic outsider musician and artist who is dead now (hint, hint) but whose legacy will also be carried out by a similar musician, ventriloquist and more than two-time alien abductee David Liebe Hart of Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! and Check It Out With Dr. Steve Brule fame, whose debut punk album will be released in 2013… I think.

In addition, a once-frequent collaborator of Biafra, Mojo Nixon (real name also unknown), is also undergoing pseudonym-related legal challenges from Mojo, the favorite file-sharing program of bored college students in Tha Dorms™.  Biafra and Nixon are both potentially members of the Church of the SubGenius (actually according to the Reverend Ivan Stang, Biafra is not officially a member, nor is William S. Burroughs), and collaborated on a cover of the late Phil Ochs’ “Love Me, I’m A Liberal” and Nixon (Mojo, not Richard) received a legendary mention in the song “Punk Rock Girl” by the band The Dead Milkmen, which might as well have been a secret side project of The Dead Kennedys.

On top of all that, the right-wing political correctness movement is boycotting the Dr. Demento Show as they believe the names of the show and its host are offensive to Margaret Thatcher.


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