Goin’ Back to Quahog (parody of “Goin’ Back to LA” by David Tanny)

Goin’ back to Quahog, Quahog, Quahog

Goin’ back to Quahog

I don’t know why.

Goin’ back to Quahog, Quahog, Quahog

Goin’ back to Quahog

I don’t know why.

Goin’ back to Quahog for less fun than some twine

This has been our whole lives since 1999

We take a little break from our nonexistent homework

We may hate FOX News but we love the FOX Network

We wait for 20 minutes for Bob’s Burgers to fry

9:00 PM and it’s time for Family Guy

We always ignore the viewer discretion warning

It makes us feel rebellious to defy FOX censors’ scorning

The first fifteen minutes fail to deliver

Our respect for Seth MacFarlane crumbles to a sliver

He plays Peter, Stewie, Brian, and Tom Tucker

Even Glenn Quagmire, Rhode Island’s greatest *bleep*er

He will remake The Flintstones and we hope he voices Fred

We didn’t like his swing album but we own Blu-Rays of Ted

He has never married but he claims that he is straight

He also claims he’s just like Brian except that he can date

Just before we hear the next cutaway gag

We call over our pet manatee to see if he can drag

Those idea balls we bought him and he accurately predicts

The next two dozen episodes as well as most fanfics

We do this every single week

We rarely ever laugh but it beats being a Gleek

When it’s 9:30, it’s time for American Dad

We wonder why The A.V. Club prefers this show, it’s bad

Kevin McFarland gets paid to diss F.G.

We thought him Seth’s jealous brother until we couldn’t find the “E”

What show will they pick to be number one?

Well it looks like by default, they picked The Simpsons

At 10:00, we tune in to Adult Swim

Family Guy, Season 2, “E Peterbus Unum”

We watch the rerun and recall the times we laughed

If only Season 11 was this much of a gas

Then next Sunday, we’ll do it all again

And watch Family Guy at nine and then at ten

We’ll watch adult cartoons, all week long

With live action shows, you always will go wrong

When viewer discretion fails to warn us, we are sure O’Reilly scorns us

Oh, silly me! Time to feed the manatee.


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