90s Cartoons (parody of “80s TV” by David Tanny)

90s cartoons

90s cartoons

90s cartoons

We’ve got 90s cartoons

90s cartoons could never scar ya

We all watched every single Daria

90s cartoons were such a thrill

We all watched King of the Hill

We were sometimes spoiled brats

Like Angelica from Rugrats

90s cartoons were brave, not wimpy

Bravest of all? Ren and Stimpy

We will never have a wife

But we watched Rocko’s Modern Life

90s cartoons were so darn bonkers

We went nuts for AAAAAA Real Monsters

To 90s cartoons we were receivers

They gave us all some Angry Beavers

90s cartoons were the hosts with the most

For example, watch Space Ghost: Coast to Coast

90s cartoons made us feel darn old

Those kids today don’t watch Hey Arnold

90s cartoons were comedy and drama

Some were both like Futurama

90s cartoons were animated pearls

We wore on our necks the Powerpuff Girls

90s cartoons were extra fab

Fabulous like Dexter’s Lab

You could neither nix the symptoms

Nor the causes of The Simpsons

90s cartoons helped us out of the dark

We all lit up come South Park

90s cartoons will never die

They’ll never kill Family Guy.


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