A Letter to the Parents Television Council

I think it’s extremely disgusting that you didn’t make the recent Family Guy episode “Turban Cowboy” the Worst Show of the Week. You are so quick to criticize every single joke on the show directed at Christians and Jews or containing sexual content, but an entire episode devoted to Islamophobia went by and you turned a blind eye. Here’s the basic summary: Peter Griffin befriends a Muslim man who he gets along with really well (Peter even considers becoming a Muslim himself) until it turns out that his new friend is a terrorist. No lessons learned about tolerance like in The Simpsons’ “Mypods and Broomsticks,” just the kind of base bigotry which have caused all Muslims in this country to remain in fear for 11-12 years. I am not Muslim. I am Jewish and I support Israel. However, I do not support your religious favoritism when criticizing Family Guy.

Considerately yours,

Popeye Squirm


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