Questions for Double Take


NEW TIMES: Do you think that your song deserves the criticism it has received by the Internet? Why or why not?

LAUREN WILLEY: I don’t think a lot of things deserve the criticism they receive on the internet, but they do, and our song did. I think people can say and think what they want, it doesn’t bother us.

NEW TIMES: Your video and song are often compared to Rebecca Black’s “Friday.” Do you think this is accurate, and what is your opinion of “Friday?”

DREW GARRETT: We weren’t really too familiar with “Friday” when we made our song. I guess the reason they’re compared is because it went viral the same way Rebecca Black’s song did, and we aren’t the best singers.

NEW TIMES: Do you have plans to release more singles in the future?

WILLEY: Besides the other ones we have already released, “Like a Princess” and “The Stalking Song,” we aren’t really sure!

NEW TIMES: Do you really agree with the message of your song “Hot Problems,” in that “hot girls have problems too?”

GARRETT: Of course!


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