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Spread Eager

July 22, 2013

Last fortnight I caught a rare glimpse of Jennifer sandwiched between two eggplants in the Dr. D Superstore
And as a number of aging bongo chiropractors fluttered by, I realized my days might be numbered too
So here tonight I arise at the Jennifer Preservation Society, hear hear
Let’s all give a warm welcome to Miss Jennifer herself, yeah, that’s really her name
No, you may not call her Jenny, not even I enjoy that overpriced luxury
Jennifer, I don’t know what’s gotten into you lately, but Parmesan karats are not to be used in such a heinous manner
With every breath you take, your life and our love commit murder-suicide
Though when it comes down to it, I want nothing but to watch you walk in my direction
Each footstep ascending six inches into the night sky where mid-morning lovers prepare their vows
Your eggplants may tease you for toejam, but I pray they will never partake in our private spread
Eager you are, but will our collective Babel tumble toward Lethe? Only time will tell.